Hello there! I know posting has been a bit sparse this month, but that’s all done now. I have a lot of good things in the pipeline & I’m very excited for it all. The other day I was on a marathon youtube session when I saw this ad for the new Flipkart Women’s Store. The ad really spoke to me because I do the same thing pretty often, only it’s usually at 2AM. So I had to check out the women’s store ASAP.

I’m definitely a flipkart veteran if there is such a thing. I’ve been shopping from them for years now. In the beginning it was just books (I love how they always have the hard to find ones). Soon I was buying gadgets as well – mostly cameras & lenses but I have got other things like vinyl records for my turntable – they’re pretty hard to find in the city. Flipkart is always my first choice because there is a lot of variety in products, competitive pricing & quick + safe delivery. But I didn’t think they were big on Women’s Lifestyle till I saw the new store. They have over 500 brands to choose from, I find that pretty darn amazing. It’s so easy to shop because everything is just a click away. I recently bought a new hair iron & I’m pretty tempted to buy a new hair dryer even though my old one works just fine. I’m trying to find a good excuse – But my old one doesn’t fold! And it doesn’t have a diffuser! And it’s not Red!
While I’m at it I thought I’d share my 10 Tips to look your best Everyday. I think it would be especially useful for college students.

1. Make Skincare a Priority
College is when most people really start travelling more & that means your skin is exposed to heat, pollution & all sorts of impurities on a daily basis. Most of us tend to neglect skincare thinking we’ll get to it when we get older but in reality this is the time to form the very basis of a skincare routine. It’s very important to use a face wash & a moisturizer depending on your skin type. Also sunscreen. Slowly you can add more skincare products to your routine but these are the absolute basics.
2. Sleep is your best friend
Lack of sleep can not only contribute greatly to exhaustion, stress & depression; it can really play havoc with your skin too. This can lead to dullness, breakouts & the worst thing, dark circles. I know college can be stressful but it’s very important to get enough of sleep (Oh & make sure you use a good eye cream / gel too).
3. Makeup – Less is More
College is the perfect time to get started with makeup but that doesn’t mean you need to go all-out. Unless it’s a special day, just stick to the principle of KISS – Keep it simple, silly. Too much makeup will just clog your pores. Get a tinted lip balm like Baby Lips, it will keep your lips hydrated as well as give it a pretty color. Kohl is great too for daily wear. However, when you do go out, feel free to to experiment with bright lips & bold eyes (but remember that either the lips or eyes should be the focus of your look, not both).
4. Clothes – Buy the Basics
College is when a lot of people really start shopping for themselves. Whether you’re on an allowance or have a job, it’s time to really start building your ‘grown-up’ closet. While trendy pieces are OK, you should look to get all the basics – a couple of classy, well fitted jeans (preferably in black & blue), solid color t-shirts & shirts & a 2-3 nice bags (I’d recommend black, brown & my personal favorite red). These are the items that never fail – you can dress them up in an almost unlimited number of ways with the right accessories & you will get sooo much use out of them.
5. Have fun with your footwear
Many colleges tend to have a lot of rules- no skirts, no bold accessories, no this, no that. Sometimes it can be very restrictive. That’s why I really liked having fun with shoes in college. It was a great way to show off my personality & guess what there are no rules with shoes. Go for something that speaks to you but keep the practical aspect in mind too! Oh & nothing grabs attention like boots!

I hope these little tips helped you. Now I’m off to do some flipkart browsing, somebody please hide my debit card!