So… chances are you came in here from my January Favorites video! Welcome! Let me tell you a little bit about WittyGift & then we’ll move on to the giveaway.
Have you ever been stumped at what to gift someone? Have you ever received a crappy gift? You know the whole gifting business can be rather dicey. Gifting money is just the easy way out… so gift a WittyGift experience box instead. They have boxes on themes like adventure, adrenalin, indulgence, dance, wellness & their latest offering is the Gourmet Box!

To celebrate the launch of the Gourmet Box, the people at WittyGift are sponsoring a giveaway. Two of you can win a Gourmet Box. This giveaway is only open to folks that live in Mumbai or Delhi because that’s where the box is valid. I did a small preview of the contents of the box in my latest video, but basically you can choose to have a meal (for two!) at places like The Tasting Room or Smokehouse Deli or take a workshop at Palate Culinary Studio or Baker’s Dozen. All you need to enter is a facebook + twitter account.
You can see all the ways to enter in the form below – liking both facebook pages is mandatory & all the other options just increase your chances (you can tweet once a day to really up your chances). The giveaway runs till the end of Feb & the winners will be announced by 5th March! If you have any questions, leave a comment & I’ll be sure to answer.

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