As most of you already know, I recently started a YouTube channel which is a mixed bag of travel, beauty & fashion. On the occasion of International Waffle Day I decided to make a video about something that’s been very dear to my heart for a while now – waffles!
A few months ago I mentioned getting a waffle maker & I got a few comments & emails asking me to review it. I held out, because I was far from happy with that one. Now I bought a new one so I thought it was time to share the waffle love.

So I know 12+ months can be considered long so I’ll give you a lowdown on what’s in it. I start with an introduction to waffles & then I move on to what makes them so awesome.
Then I talk about a waffle cookbook that I bought, a waffle maker that I bought (& didn’t like) & a second waffle maker that I bought (& love!) And finally, I share an easy recipe for waffles. So you can see how ridiculously quick & easy they are to make – I’m pretty sure a careful five year old could do it. You’ll never eat waffles outside again!
It is admittedly still a little awkward because I am still new at this video thing & being in front of the camera but I tried to make it informative & fun. If you liked what you saw, please subscribe ->
And finally, I’m declaring this whole week ‘Waffle Week’ here on the blog, so tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the Waffle Maker (in detail) + sharing my recipe, the day after I’ll be reviewing the cookbook & I have a couple more waffle themed posts after that too. Enjoy!