I wrote about the Dunkin’ Donuts in Delhi two years ago, well Dunkin’ Donuts finally landed in Mumbai today. I went to the store thinking I was going to try three different donuts at most, but found out that it was actually a Dunkin’ Donuts & more, a full service cafe that serves burgers, wraps & drinks along with a wide assortment of donuts.
The cafe is pretty large & has a fun, bright look.The tough guy burger was one of my favorites among the things I tried, different types of chicken (chorizo & salami), salad & a mustard sauce all in a sesame bagel bun.
Mixing up a stiracchino. There’s a lot of food engineering behing those layers.The wicked wrap had chicken, jalapenos, tacos & assorted vegetables & a mango relish, a great mix of different flavour & textures.All of the Ice Tea at Dunkin’ Donuts is real tea & not that dreadful oversweet stuff that comes from powder at McDonalds. They have three different ice teas but the spiked ice tea was my favorite, with baby gingers & some spices it makes the perfect summer cooler!

The donuts that we tasted were all nice & fresh, I especially loved the chocolate ones. I found the glaze on the coffee donut a little too sticky though. I think DD makes a great addition to the fast food places in the city & I will be going back for that great tough guy burger. They currently have two outlets, one in Linking Road, Bandra just below the Jean Claude Biguine salon (the one I visited),  & another at Phoenix Market City, Kurla.