So I’m finally at the end of the Delhi posts. This one is going to be lengthy (& photo heavy) because it crams in everything about Delhi that was nice / interesting but didn’t warrant an individual post. You can see the all the Delhi posts here.

Connaught Place

There were these neat looking carts all around CP with a nice selection of aerated drinks. (You may recognize the Thums Up from Eat Pray Love. No it isn’t that much sweeter than Coca Cola. And it’s actually quite good).

The famous (& notorious) Anna Hazare was on yet another hunger fast during our initial days in Delhi. I’m not at all politically inclined anymore, & it was actually funny to hear all of the chaos & see the news vans when our rickshaw passed the road to Jantar Mantar (where the fast was being held).

Other places we went to in Connaught Place- Haldiram’s, Nizam’s Kathi Kababs, Madras Coffee House.


Janpath isn’t far from CP & a great place for street shopping. We stopped at this shop called Jain Super Store & bought a silver ring (sadly a rip off – pretty but my finger turned green wearing it, even though it’s supposed to be silver) & a natural perfume which I may like better than my big brand name ones.

My mom rarely buys herself anything, & it was so cute to see her get really excited over these  wooden bangles a street vendor was selling.In really hot weather, nothing quenches thirst better than fresh lime juice (this guy, incidentally thought it was OK to double his prices for us just because we weren’t locals.

Hauz Khas Village

HKV is New Delhi most arty (hipster?) area & t’s not uncommon to see giant murals on old buildings (much like Kala Ghoda in Mumbai).

Even if you love vintage (like me) you will get tired of seeing one too many cookie-cutter vintage shops without names that all sell the same things. The prices are highly inflated for the sake of foreign tourists & local hipsters.
We did peek into one of them… (not the same one as the sign above). It had a lot of nice stuff, but a very grumpy owner who only softened a little after she was sure we were buying something & when we asked about the photo of a much younger version of her in the shop with yesteryears actress Rekha.  I left there with a poster of the cult classic Sholay, India’s answer to spaghetti westerns.

Other places we went to in Hauz Khas village- Kunzum Travel Café, Elma’s Bakery, Cakes & Tea Room.


Dunkin’ Donuts aren’t in Mumbai yet but there are a couple in Delhi.  I have very fond Dunkin’ Donuts memories from my childhood, we ate a lot of them in Malaysia & Indonesia, so I may or may not have used nostalgia as an excuse to pig out on multiple ‘six packs’. The ones with white glaze are my favorite, but I found that Mumbaikars aren’t missing out on much overall, donuts from MOD (Mad Over Donuts) are just as good. This photo was taken in their M Block Market outlet.
Ending on a slightly narcissistic note with a picture of me on the skywalk just outside Apartment 18. This was basically my travel uniform (you can see a what I wore post). I got a hold  of this awesome Labyrinth t-shirt on eBay & there was no shame in repeating it many, many times. Jareth FTW.