You know some of those things that you didn’t know existed, then they come into your life & you can’t do without them? Kara Wipes is one of those things for me!
I’ve always heard using Baby Wipes to remove makeup, but never knew that there were specialized facial wipes available here in India. Well, not only are they available, they come in sooo many variants!
Kara Wipes are made from Birla Cellulose, a 100% natural fibre that is completely bio degradable. Additionally, they are infused with natural, skin friendly ingredients.

The Refreshing Facial Wipes are available in two variants, aloe vera & mint oil and cucumber & aloe vera. These are perfect for Mumbai days – always hot & humid no matter what the reason 🙁 They feel so good & I sort of prefer the mint variant for the scent.
The Makeup Removal Wipes have seaweed & lavender (love lavender!) & are very good at removing makeup, even waterproof & otherwise stubborn makeup like some matte lipsticks.
There’s also the whole CTM routine – Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes with jojoba & avocado,  Toning Wipes with rose & thyme & Moisturizing Wipes with honey & almond. They remove all of the day’s grime & make sure that my skin feels clean & fresh. The moisturizing wipes are great for oily skin & they infuse just the right amount of moisture, although it might not be enough for people with very dry skin.
They also have Sunscreen Wipes with plum & aloe vera, the only one I’m not fully convinced about. I’m not sure that the wipes will give you enough SPF to fight the sun, so I won’t call this an effective sunscreen replacement. But since I’m not very diligent with sunscreen, I’ll take this over nothing.

I also tried the Hand Sanitizing Wipe, which I love so much! I think it’s much better than carrying liquid hand sanitizer. I know liquid sanitizers usually work with lots of alcohol & evaporate quickly so you don’t need to wash with water – but I’ve always felt a little sketchy about them. Like if my hands are dirty / grimy, where is the dirt really going, you know?
So that’s why I think the hand sanitizing wipes are x100 better, because not only do they sanitise, you can actually wipe off the dirt.
Overall, I think Kara Wipes are perfect for travel or just people who are on the go. They’re perfect to slip into your hand baggage on a flight (& the moisturizing wipes would be so good, because flights are actually very dehydrating for your skin!) in your everyday bag or even very hygienic & handy for using when you’re at home. In fact, I’m tempted to throw out all the fiddly cleaners & toners I own & just switch to these. Most of them have a fragrance that goes with the corresponding ingredient used, although nothing smelled overtly strong or perfumey & I think even the most sensitive of noses would not find it unpleasant.
The only downside? I think that these are a little bit difficult to find, for now (only available on a few online stores) but so worth searching for.
Kara has so kindly offered to give two of you a hamper of their wipes. I’ll be hosting the giveaway tomorrow on twitter & it’ll run for two days, so make sure to follow @magali_c & @karawipes_!