In one of my favorite TV shows, Parks & Recreation, Donna & Tom have a day they call Treat Yo Self day. Whether you choose to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, book a spa day or take that trip you’ve always wanted, it’s all about treating yourself (duh!), indulging & basically feeling great! Now that’s a concept that I can get behind. I’m not one for hedonism, as such, but I believe if you work hard you have earn the right to enjoy yourself now & then.
Diwali also known as the festival of lights is one of the most important festivals in India. Although I don’t personally celebrate festivals (unless it’s Bowieday or Cheeseburger Day!) Diwali is the perfect excuse to Treat Yo Self! I mean, if all the marketing aimed at shopping & gifting isn’t enough, every retailer seems to be having crazy sales & discounts just for the festive season. I always prefer online shopping to actually going into stores because it’s easier but for the festive season I think the biggest incentive would be to dodge the crazy crowds at any mall or market & shop from the comfort of your home, any time of the day, even in pyjamas! That’s what I’ve been doing all week! 😉
I also make sure to visit CupoNation to check out the best deals & discounts before I pay & that has helped me save a lot of cash. This year I treated myself to a new compact camera which you can bet you’ll be seeing more of very soon!
What have you bought yourself this Diwali? I’d love to know!