Happsteris an Indian eyeglasses & sunglasses online shop. I blogged about my home try on experience with them a little over a month ago, now it’s time to talk about the glasses. After the I got my eyes checked, I finally placed my order & was pleasantly surprised to get an email less than two days later that my glasses were shipped! I was very impressed. They’re just spectacles, so I wasn’t particularly excited about getting this package (as compared to say, new clothes or beauty products) but then this cheery yellow box landed at my door!
Inside the yellow box was another black box, very solid & quite similar to the iPhone box. I absolutely loved the personalized note, the stickers & the little John Lennon charm (it’s already been established that these guys are Beatles fans :))The glasses & the hard case they came in.Me happily modelling my new glasses!
Well, I wear glasses all the time when I’m home & although these had a breaking in period (like any well fitted pair) they fit like a dream & are so comfortable. I’m very pleased with Happster’s service, the whole experience right from the home try on to getting the glasses themselves was speedy & delightful & I’d wholeheartedly recommend them!
Ladies who wear glasses, I have some interesting content coming up later this month, stay tuned!