In celebration of International Women’s Day (on the 8th of March), YouTube launched #DearMe, a global initiative to inspire & empower young girls everywhere. As a YouTuber I was given an extremely simple brief – to make a video with a message to my younger, teenage self, so I set my camera on the tripod, sat on the couch & just talked. It’s definitely the most personal video I’ve made until now.
My teen years were definitely not easy… I went through all of the sadness, isolation, angst & then some. What I can definitely say is that I’ve felt much more at peace (with my surroundings and myself) since I’ve entered my twenties, so I shared some advise that I think would’ve made my teen years easier, & if you’re at that age & going through a tough time, I hope some of it can help you too.
My #DearMe video ended up being featured on the YouTube Spotlight channel, along with 24 other women like Felicia Day, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman (who I actually met at YouTube Fan Fest last year),  Grace Helbig, etc. I know it seems like I’m namedropping but it’s just because I’m so incredibly starstruck & honored to be in the same video as these lovely women.

And now onto the contest – if you’re a a female, based in Mumbai & would like to start a YouTube channel (or have just started one & would like to know how to grow it) hop onto my twitter page [@magali_c] at 2PM today to enter in the #DearMe contest… I’ll run it for a couple of hours & the winner will get a one on one session with me at the fabulous YouTube Office in Mumbai on Monday, 9th March.