Calvin Klein Watches and Jewelry celebrated its latest collections Spellbound for Women and Earth for Men at the Asilo Lounge, Mumbai recently. The gorgeous Diana Penty, the new brand ambassador unveiled the collections and declared her love for Calvin Klein, which she believes goes perfectly with her minimalistic style.

Calvin Klein Earth

Calvin Klein earth is a bold and refined timepiece, that features a substantial brushed stainless steel for an impression of enduring masculinity and makes it the perfect accent for a casual chic weekend look. The apparent simplicity of the watch gives way to eloquent details and adding a sporty, elegant overall design. Offered in white, khaki, blue or black.

Calvin Klein Spellbound

Calvin Klein Spellbound on the other hand is natural and inspired. Ancient history re-imagined for the modern world. Calvin Klein Spellbound brings together python embossed leather in rich mineral-inspired tones with a bold silhouette for an impactful look. Offered in nature, grey, black, blue or yellow python embossed leather, each timepiece is accented by a polished stainless steel case and dial or PVD pink gold and black dial

Calvin Klein Spellbound Jewelry

Calvin Klein spellbound is sensual and captivating. Soft embossed python leather and hard metal come together to create this seductively sleek jewelry set. Each of the three pieces are available in either polished stainless steel with black, nature, grey, blue or yellow embossed python leather; or pink gold PVD with black embossed python leather. The collection has everything from necklaces, pendants, bangles and bold rings.

I’m wearing: David Bowie for GAS Jeans limited edition tshirt // Calvin Klein wrist watch // bhane. jeans
Cell phones have eliminated the ‘need’ for watches but I still wear them daily because I think they are a classic fashion statement. I was spoilt for choice with all the watches, there is something for every outfit / mood. A love for minimal accessories is something I share with Diana Penty, in the end I fell in love with the beautiful Senses watches in polished stainless steel (it is available in a few different metal combinations).

It was a fabulous evening spent discovering the Calvin Klein watches & jewellery collection as well as chatting with bloggers over wine & h’oderves.
Do you still wear watches? What kind of watches do you like?