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Over the course of last decade or so I like to think that I have become something of an online shopping expert. More than half of my clothes are bought online because I like shopping at my own convenience. But often I’ve found myself among groups of women who say they never shop online because they once did & weren’t happy with what they bought when it arrived.
See, for the numerous conveniences associated with online shopping it strips you of the ability to fill a basket full of clothes & go to the trial room to see how things look on your own body. The size of a garment, while important isn’t the only thing you should look to when you’re buying new clothes. Body shape is equally important.
Which is why I’m so excited to tell you all about a new feature myntra has introduced called ‘Shop by Shape’ where you can find out your body shape & browse through clothing that will look good on you. You will get your very own Shape ID – the ratio of bust:waist:hips (4:2:4, 3:2:4, 4:4:3, 3:3:3) that mirrors the shapes Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Rectangle and spans across sizes. 
I think it’s a wonderfully inclusive initiative by myntra – firstly they’re recognising that women can be of diverse sizes and shapes & they’re also making it easier for us to purchase clothes that flatter our own body types; it’s kind of like having a stylist on your smartphone!