I don’t put on makeup every single day, but if I do, you can be sure that I’ll fill in my brows. I’ve found that it makes such a big difference to my look & just takes a few moments. However, I also make sure to stay away from eyebrow pencils as they tend to give a very harsh, fake & overall unflattering look.

A lot of people love using eyeshadow to fill in their brows but for over a year my brow ‘weapon’ of choice has been the Sleek Brow Kit, a tiny handy palette consisting of a powder & brow gel. I use extra dark, even if you have really dark / black hair it’s important to avoid using black but use dark brown or grey eyebrow products.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper India ReviewSo when Maybelline launched the Fashion Brow Duo Shaper, needless to say I was really intrigued. On paper is seemed fabulous: two natural colors options, a retractable wax & powder all in a sleek pencil format, & to top is all it was priced at just ₹245. Would it live up to it’s claims? I bought it as soon as I could, used it for a bit & made a detailed video demo + review (above). I thought I’d write a mini written review as well, although it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as the video.

Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper India ReviewAs I mentioned above, the product is available in two color options. With a base produt I would’ve upset but when it comes to brows these options will definitely suffice. Both are natural looking & should suit a wide variety of Indian skin / hair tones, from very light (brown will cover that) to darker / black hair (grey is your best friend). The pencil is compact & sleep & feels quite solid too. It features a retractable thin stick of wax on one side & a sponge + powder on the other, both sides have caps that fasten securely yet aren’t troublesome to open.
Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper India ReviewSince my hair is colored red but my natural hair roots are dark brown / almost black I figured that either shade would work for me. Both do, but I ended up liking grey better. They’re both subtler than my Sleek Brow Kit, grey is just the slightly darker one. The wax is stiff & they’re easy enough to use, even if you’re a complete beginner at filling in your brows you really can’t overfill with this.

At the end of the day I’m happy to report that I ended up really loving these! It’s budget price makes it very accessible & it’s great for beginners who are starting to fill in their brows. I’ve ended up keeping my Sleek palette aside just because these are so easy to use & take up almost no space in my bag as I tend to do my makeup on the go a lot (it saves time + gives me something to do in Mumbai’s traffic. If you’ve been considering this purchase I’d wholeheartedly recommend it!

The Maybelline Fashion Brow is available online on Nykaa & Koovs (it even has free shipping on koovs!)

Do you fill in your brows? What kind of product do you use? x