I’ve always been a huge fan of Komal aka Delhi Fashion Blogger! On her YouTube channel she talks about everything from beauty / fashion to things like feminism, body image & self love. When she was in Mumbai for fashion week I jumped at the chance to collaborate with her on a few fun videos. Above is my personal favorite, The Emoji Challenge!

We hung out in her hotel room for a bit one morning & ended up talking so much we almost forgot to shoot the videos. Komal is so warm, smart & entertaining; I know that if we lived in the same city I would want to hang out with this girl all the time.

Above is the first video we shot that day. There’s no science to it, we just tried to imitate our favorite funny emojis (& we threw in Derek Zoolander face too, for good measure). I tried my best & pulled some good impressions but in the end I lost, Komal just can’t be beaten! 😉

We also filmed the Whisper Challenge (it’s deceptively hard!) for my channel & the Would You Rather? Beauty Edition for her channel! x