Honey and Spice is a Honey Brand based out of Bangalore, India. They hand pick 100% Raw Wild Honey from the Tribals of India and make it easily accessible to everyone on their e-commerce store.  They recently sent over a few of their honey varities for me to try.

I love using honey in tea especially but there are a lot of reports that the more commercial brands are at best adulterated with sugar & at worst contain harmful amounts of antibiotics. In contrast to that, all Honey & Spice works with farmers & indigenous tribes & their honey is 100% raw, wild honey.

Indian Raw HoneyAll of their honey is sublime. It’s a bit milder than ones like Dabur. I especially loved the flavored ones, infused with things like Vanilla, Tulsi (Holy Basil) & my personal favorite, Cinnamon!

Indian Raw HoneyI haven’t even managed to try all the flavors but I will, soon. I’ll also be sharing a recipe or two featuring Honey & Spice here on the blog.

Indian Raw HoneyHoney & Spice also makes the perfect gift for just about anyone who appreciates nice things. You can purchase their range on their website.