FlightHub knows what it’s like to be on the go: from airports to cities and back around again, how to manage to keep your look while still looking fresh on the road? FlightHub Review presents our Must-Pack guide to keeping you looking good wherever you go!

Keep to solids

Keeping your wardrobe basic in color and shades is an easy way to recycle looks without drawing too much attention to the fact that you’ve work the same jeans for the last 3 days. The effortless style that it takes to maintain this look is easy for anyone traveling with packing limitations. Greys, black or whites are always good options, but if you’re feeling for colors, then navy and cream also work well when thinking of long-term travel packing.

Layering is key

Layering your outfits is an effortless way to keep it chic while keeping you warm and travel bag lightweight. Bringing longer cardigans, tank tops and other options with you is a great way to keep some versatility in your travel wardrobe.

Bring one statement piece

Whatever you choose as this piece make sure you only bring one of it. Whether they’re statement jewelry or a fancy blazer, this is the piece that’ll differentiate day from nightwear and will spruce up any outfit. FlightHub believes that having a piece like this packed with you is essential, as you never know if or when you need to spruce things up!

Two types of shoes, max (one should be a nice pair of flats)

Choosing between your footwear can always be a challenge: you need to keep space in your bag for clothes and toiletries, plus shoes are heavy! But each look might need different footwear, from runners to flats, or even boots. FlightHub suggests thinking ahead about outfit coordination and pack only the shoes that are comfortable and versatile!

One cozy scarf

How can you say no to this comfort object? A scarf is a great way to accentuate any outfit while keeping your warm and fashionable! Scarfs are also an easy way to cover up an outfit should you find yourself in a religious site or an area that keeps

A black dress that you can dress up or keep casual

This one is a no-brainer for FlightHub: the perfect LBD, though some claim it to be mythical, is a travel-must. The black dress should go seamlessly from day to night wear. The black dress is good for any occasion and will keep you looking stylish no matter where you go.

Ankle Jeans or a long skirt

This one comes down to personal preference, but FlightHub suggests picking your most versatile pair of ankle pants or maxi skirt and bringing it with you, wherever you go. These items are easy to match and aren’t typically bulgy, which makes for a sleek and stylish look. If the weather is warm, perhaps opt for the skirt.

Illustration by Cindy Mongomini