With the New Year beginning and countless resolutions being made, FlightHub wants to emphasize how you can achieve your travel goals no matter the time of the year! FlightHub Review has outlined the best ways to motivate yourself into sticking to your travel resolutions for 2016!

Combine your bucket list!

The New Year is a wonderful thing: “Out with the old and in with the new,” kind of attitude dominates us for most of the first month of the year. But keeping this motivation can be difficult, so if you’re dedicated to pursuing your travel plans this year then the first thing you need to do is sit down and strategically begin planning your trip. FlightHub suggests seeing how many vacation days you have at work as a good starting point, and begin filtering through the destinations you wish to visit. Combining bucket list activities during your travels makes for a more memorable trip and lets you triumphantly check off more from your list!

Keeping your travel plans in balance is an important way to make sure you can achieve your goals! Don’t try to pack everything into one trip that may eventually stress you out.

Save and Plan

This is by far the most difficult task in keeping your bucket list on track. Consistently saving and planning for a trip can be difficult. But FlightHub encourages you not to get discouraged along the way. Try to map out your finances and save on things where you can. Try eliminating your daily coffee purchase and opt for making it at home instead! It’s amazing how much you can save when you actively engage with your finances. FlightHub also suggests researching and booking your tickets earlier rather than later for extra savings.

Planning your trip remotely has both pros and cons associated with it. FlightHub considers some pros to be price drops alerts, as well as the taking the time to make informed decisions prior to your trip. But over planning before you get to your destination can also be inhibiting. On the other hand, leaving things to the last minute can also make for wonderful adventures! Take note of your travel style and see how to best plan your trip according to your expectations and comfort level.

Be realistic with your planning

Be realistic with your travel plans: countries and cities that are heavily frequented by tourists are more likely to be expensive, and may not fit into your budget. Instead of being discouraged, FlightHub suggests taking this opportunity to branch out and consider destinations that are not necessarily apparent. The world a big place with interesting corners and detours along the way. Take the time to explore it!