The first personal style post of twenty sixteen & a little chat about the year that went by.

Modern Goth Look, What Magali Wore Modern Goth Look, What Magali WoreModern Goth Look, What Magali WoreModern Goth Look, What Magali Wore Modern Goth Look, What Magali Wore Modern Goth Look, What Magali WoreCatwalk 88 V-Back tunic (from Koovs) // Levi’s 721 high rise skinny jeans // Clarks Ski Tropical sandals // Amano crossbody saddle bag (from Auroville) // Skagen Klassik watch // Dragon necklace (from Goa)

L’Oreal lipstick | Nails by Jean Claude Biguine

Photos by Sheila Vaz

Here’s a look from a little while ago that somehow remained in my drafts folder for a bit. This was the day I got my hair colored with TIGI Copyright Color by Aleisha Keswani (I even vlogged the experience). I wanted to wait a bit before I talked about the color because some colors can look fabulous the day it’s done but not so great a couple of washes later. But this has been the best experience by far, in large part due to Aleisha’s skill. Red is a notorious color to tackle because it can fade really quickly but two months down the line it’s still vibrant & better still blends so well with my natural hair that I don’t have to run & get my roots done if I don’t want to. As a teenager I was quite fascinated by goth style & the subculture as a whole, this is like my very own modern goth look.

I had planned a few end of the year posts, but then I went to Sunburn & didn’t really get the chance to write them. It was such a last minute trip wherein I actually started packing on Christmas & left the next day. It was really exciting & I’ll have a more detailed post about the experience very soon. I got back home on the 31st & spent a wonderfully low key New Year’s Eve with my parents & cat, just watching Netflix & catching upon lost sleep.

2015 was a magical year wherein I worked very hard, travelled a lot, cemented great friendships. It truly was one of my best years as an adult & I’m really looking forward to everything 2016 has in store for me.

January is such a special month for me for many, many reasons. I won’t really get into it now but look forward to a big announcement & lots of exciting stuff on my YouTube channel throughout the month. Cheers! x