Yesterday I blogged about the Whisper Out Loud Blogger Hangout & mentioned my intention to talk more about periods here on the blog so today I’m going to be reviewing the new Whisper Ultra along with talking about my own periods & experiences.

It’s hard for me to be unbiased when it comes to Whisper – I’ve been using it for well over a decade & it has always been my favorite sanitary napkin brand. I started menstruating a little before my eleventh birthday – quite young, even by today’s standards. Luckily my mom being a nurse & a responsible parent had explained everything about ovulation & the menstrual cycle a year earlier, so I was not caught off guard. As a tween, there’s something very exciting about growing up & being the first to enter puberty among my group of friends suddenly made me very wise & looked up to.

But as we all know, menstruation is not fun & games. My folks are not superstitious in the least so I didn’t have the burden of any false restrictions put on me, religious or otherwise & for that I’m incredibly grateful. I know a lot of women are in India are not so lucky. But let’s get real – periods can be difficult. I had to learn to deal with the flow, the feeling of wetness & nausea & a stomach upset that often came with the start of my monthly period all during a five & a half hour school day. To add to it, I also have dysmenorrhea, which means the cramps I experience on my first two days are unbearable without taking painkillers multiple times a day.

During this period my mom went all out buying me every single brand to try & that’s when I discovered Whisper Ultra. They were individually packaged, the thinnest available & yet they soaked liked crazy. Yes, they were also the most expensive Indian sanitary napkin brand but well worth it, in my opinion as they made those days so much easier! Over the years I ended up introducing so many friends to the brand as well!

The New Whisper Ultra boasts a lot of upgrades that include-

• 1000 suction holes for better and faster absorption

• Unique Magic Gel crystals for better and longer dryness

• Odour Lock to lock the period odour

• Extra long length so that the pad can be used for longer hours

• New material top sheet which is very soft, gentle and skin friendly thus causing no rashes

The New Whisper UltraIt has the same individual packaging I fell in love with.

I think the new suction holes are amazing because you do feel a lot dryer quicker. I’ve always found the Ultra line to be quite comfortable, this feels even more soft so you don’t constantly feel like you’re wearing something plasticky between your legs, it just feels like fabric! I loved the extra long length, that coupled with the wings does make you less worried about leakage or staining. It works very well for long days or even travel but I still prefer the Ultra XXXL Overnights for sleep.

Overall I love the new Ultra, it’s a great improvement on something that was already the best & it does help me #OwnThose5Days! If you’d like to try it, you can request a sample here. Don’t forget to follow Whisper India on facebook, twitter & instagram.