20-somethings are different, in more ways than one. We’re not content with doing things a certain way just in the name of tradition. Whether it’s our education, career or romantic relationships, we prefer to do things on our own terms. But dating in today’s day and age can be confusing. Most of us are busy, so what’s a good way to meet new people? How do you meet people who aren’t just into hooking up (or aren’t looking to get married right away?) And what are those pesky new dating norms, that can be quite the grey area? Today I’m going to share five tips that can make your dating experience a whole lot smoother.

Make an Effort

Putting in the effort can mean anything from spraying on some pheromones for men and making the first move on your crush to consciously socialising more.

When it comes to dating, making an effort is important. Romcoms have us convinced that we’ll meet the man of our dreams while getting coffee or bump into him while in a hurry & spill the contents of our bag (which he will then help us pick up, of course). It may be fun to watch, but it’s not how the world works. We’re taught to put in efforts into our careers, our friendships, so why not apply some of that to dating? Putting in the effort can mean anything from making the first move on your crush to consciously socialising more.

Make Dating Apps Work for You

Online dating isn’t new but for our generation, it can be the norm. If you are shy to approach your crush (like me!), it can be a nice alternative. But with so many apps on the market, how do you know which one will work for you? The other day, I was at a cafe when I couldn’t help but overhear a guy talk about life in general with his friend. At that instance, I felt like I was listening to a male version of myself. I did not know how to get his attention and that’s when I heard about this app. happn is different from other dating apps because it helps you connect with people you have already crossed paths with in real life. It lets you see all their basic information as well as how many times you’ve crossed paths with them. If you like someone, you can just send them a “Like” (using the heart-shaped icon) or say “Hello”! 

Using happn is a great way to connect with that cute guy you spotted at the cafe but were too shy to talk to or to overcome that one “missed connection” with the ONE. happn encourages forming real-life connections and interactions while still keeping your EXACT location hidden. Say “bye” to unwanted messages from guys, since all communication takes place only on the principle of “mutual interest”. At the same time, it has in-built security features, such as blocking any user portraying unwanted behaviour. To make everyone’s life better, happn is available on both iOS & Android.

Tips for Dating

Find Common Ground

In an ideal world, we’d all date people we were already friends with. But when you’re going out and meeting someone new, finding common likes or experiences can be a great way to cut through that initial awkwardness and find a connection. Common ground can take the form of a similar taste in movies, music, books, a game you both enjoy or just a shared common experience or destination.

Be Clear & Assertive

One of the better qualities of the 20-somethings is our straightforwardness – we tend to say what we mean. It can be good to apply this same logic to our dating lives too! Be clear in your head about what you’re looking for. If you like someone, show them! And if you don’t, it’s best to be honest rather than ghosting the person.

Don’t Give Up

You might meet that special someone right away, or it might take a little while. It can be easy to lose heart after a dull date, but it’s important to not lose hope! Even boring dates turn into fun stories later. Shake it off, and get back on that (proverbial) horse.

That’s all the tips I have for you today, but I’d love to hear from you guys! Feel free to share your experiences with dating & stuff that helped you navigate these often confusing waters. x

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