Asian Paints recently held a preview of some of their latest offerings at their Colour Store in Hill Road, Bandra. That store was on the route of my daily commute for four years, I remember always admiring how colorful & design-centric the store looked from the outside, so I was ecstatic to finally have a good ‘excuse’ to visit.

The store spans over two storeys & is quite large, with different sections expertly displaying ways you can transform your home, from different swatches of paint, fancy finishes & even their Nilaya by Sabyasachi wallpaper line, but the main agenda for that morning was to show us how we could transform our homes with their new Colour on Wood service – how one can turn boring, store bought wood furniture into something bold that really reflects our personalities.


Our visit started with a tour of the sprawling space, which is also very high tech. There were a few fun activities to help us get a feel of the store & see what their we can do with the Woodtech service.

The Asian Paints Woodtech palette is a total solution range of wood finishes that includes the inspired coloured wood finish of Woodtech PU Palette and the highly successful luxury lines of Emporio and Polyester. Whether you’re buying brand new mass produced furniture or would like to give your older pieces a little makeover, Woodtech can help you turn something boring, ordinary or dated looking into #StatementFurniture. With even just a photo, the experts at the store will be able to render multiple options of how you can transform a piece with woodtech into something that fits your style & aesthetic.


You can get more information on Woodtech here. Do visit your nearest Asian Paints Signature store to see how you breathe new life into your furniture with Asian Paints Woodtech Studio! x