The Body Shop Black Musk

The Body Shop White Musk fragrance is possibly one of the best known products by them, particularly because it signalled such a huge change in the fragrance industry – it was the first fragrance to use synthetic musk, not extracted from a deer. Then came the Red Musk line & earlier this month The Body Shop released their Black Musk range in India.

Said to be the darkest & most sensuous of the TBS Musk family, The Black Musk range has Eau de Parfum (₹3,295 for 50ml), Eau de Toilette (₹2,195 for 60ml) & The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume Oil (₹2,095 for 20ml).

The notes include bambinella pear, pink pepper and bergamot, heliotrope (a scent that oscillates between marzipan and almond) with liquorice root accord. There’s also warm black vanilla, magnetic black musk, earthy patchouli and chocolate-like vetiver notes.

Reviewing scents is quite hard because it’s not as straightforward as a color cosmetic, but I still do enjoy talking about fragrances. I’m not a fan of very girly or sickly sweet scents, but I find most masculine ones to be a bit too overpowering too. For me, this ticks all the right boxes & manages to balance the sweet & spicy notes amazingly well  – the tagline Naughty and Nice fits so well!

My review video above is a lot more detailed, so do check it out!

The Body Shop Black Musk

The Body Shop is also proud of the fair trade ingredients that they use in their products, sourced from around the world. The Black Musk Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum contain Community Fair Trade organic alcohol crafted from sugar cane that isharvested by co-operatives in South America.

In Cotopaxi, Ecuador, smallholder farmers re-plant the trees they use to heat this sugar. This helps them to grow their business while sustainably protecting the land.

The Body Shop Black Musk

Aren’t the bottles just gorgeous? So clean & minimal, I couldn’t stop staring at them. I tried to match my dress & makeup to the Black Musk bottle, I think I was successful!

Do you wear perfume? What kind of fragrance do you prefer? x