It is normal for people to want to look good. Most people do not like the way that pale skin looks. Therefore, they tan their skin to make it a darker color that they find more attractive. The problem with using tanning beads or the sun to tan your skin is that is can do very serious damage to it. Young people often ignore the warnings about skin cancer and go to tanning salons anyway because they want to be accepted by members of the opposite sex. You need to protect your skin at all times. Here are some of the benefits to doing it.
1. Less chance of skin cancer
Skin cancer is a very real threat to people who worship the sun. The bottom line is that having a tan that looks great is not worth getting skin cancer that is potentially fatal. There are many people who need to have pieces of skin removed from their face because of the amount of sun exposure they have received. In some cases, reconstructive surgery is required to get the person to appear normal again. Unfortunately, many people think this sort of scenario will not happen to them. They wait until they get a bad diagnosis from their doctor before they change their habits. Unfortunately, the situation is out of control at that point. The key is to be proactive and protect your skin before you get a bad diagnosis.

2. Skin that looks younger as you age
Most young people who tan their skin are only concerned about how they look right now. They do not stop to think about the appearance of their skin 20 or 30 years down the road. You have probably seen older people who have clearly spent too much time out in the sun during their life. Their skin has many more wrinkles than the average person. It will often resemble the skin of an elephant. These people wanted sun exposure to make their skin look good. However, it has now had the opposite effect. The use of broad spectrum sunscreen can prevent this from happening.

3. Prevent dry skin
It does not take a genius to figure out that your skin will dry out more frequently if you get it tanned often. Protecting your skin will keep it moist throughout the day so you do not need to rely on the use of moisturizers.