Trying the Lingerie as Outerwear trend & chatting a bit about my self love journey…

Lingerie Loves | Lace BralletteFeatured: Penny Longline Bralette // Topshop Jamie Jeans // Marks & Spencer Longline Cardigan // Urban Decay Mrs Mia Wallace lipstick // Eye Got Blue iPhone 6 Plus caseLingerie Loves | Lace Brallette

I’ve featured lingerie here before, but not like this. I’ve always wanted to do a personal style post like this but you know what stopped me? The fact that I have put on a few kilos in the last couple of years & I wasn’t feeling too comfortable with my own body, forget about actually putting it out on the internet for everyone too see.

You see, as young girls we are taught from the very beginning to hate our bodies & only really notice flaws. I grew up extremely skinny. I was called names by classmates, & random aunties thought it was appropriate to say I’m too thin or ask openly whether my parents aren’t feeding me. I didn’t feel at home in my body then either, but over the years I began to accept it & be a bit more body confident. You can see my first personal style post on this blog here – it’s five an a half years old! My thinness was a part of my identity, much like unruly dark hair & the mole on my collarbone.

But ever since I got done with college & got into a more sedentary lifestyle, I’ve put on weight. It’s a very common thing to happen & I’ve seen many classmates go through the same. It was kind of weird to deal with at first! I embraced the pros of being ever so slightly heavier like being able to get clothing that fits well everywhere, not floating in the smallest size dress & more. The cons? (according to me at least!) include no longer being able to wear bodycon dress because I don’t work out & don’t have a flat tummy. I even bought my first shape wear. But I think now I finally understand the concept of self love a bit better. Although being fit & toned & most importantly strong is something I would like to work towards, I cannot love my body & self completely if I only love it when it looks a certain way. I don’t know exactly when that thought popped into my head but it felt like a personal epiphany of sorts.

So it was quite the journey but I think I’m comfortable with my body in whatever shape it is right now. It’s not like I don’t have off days but at the end of the day I still feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Why did I write so much for a personal style post? Because I believe self acceptance & love is a (difficult) process. If you want to be comfortable with your body, you have to work towards it. For me, this post is quite a big step & I felt like I should discuss a little bit.

Lingerie Loves | Lace Brallette

These photos were taken on my recent trip to Ooty. I’ve been pretty obsessed with bralettes over conventional bras lately, they’re so much more comfortable & great for layering too. Lace bralettes have been very ‘in’ internationally for quite a while , but I couldn’t find any cute ones available in India, until now. I was quite excited when I found this online & at quite a reasonable price. I went with my usual favorite, black; but there were also gorgeous crimson & purple ones. For any stylish aspiring models out there, the addition of the Penny Longline Bralette is perfect for your lingerie modelling shoots! I decided to try the whole lingerie as outerwear trend, if you a layer a lace bralette with a cardigan or blazer, it becomes surprisingly wearable I think!  Also, I felt like I should mention that I’ll be discussing lingerie a lot more here – it’s something I really love & I don’t know why I was feeling weird about putting it on! Hope you have a good weekend. x