Have you ever let (self) doubt rule your life, or dictate what you can & cannot do? Then this is definitely for you.


As you must know if you follow me on instagram (@magali_c) I’ve been spending the last few days at Lakmé Fashion Week living & breathing all things fashion & beauty. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing a lot of the highlights here.

Along with the shows happening at Lakmé Fashion Week, there were a lot of stalls & installations there too. One thing that got a lot of attention was the Doubt Is Out wall. The premise is really simple – Two sides of a mostly blank wall, with people getting to choose what is in & what is out from things like Netflix, hook ups, Game of Thrones, Nationalism & more…
doubtisout-2Earlier today at LFW we were told that something is going to happen at the Doubt Is Out wall. With no further information, me & a few blogger friends assembled there & witnessed the #DoubtIsOut flash mob. It was short & energetic & ended with the announcement of the show happening tomorrow at 3 PM.

It was fun to watch & I can’t wait to know more tomorrow… x