You know it’s summer in Mumbai when the temperatures soars past 35° C. And with 2016 purported to be one of the hottest years on record, it’s become all the more important to find places you can go to cool off.

My top getaways that are cool around the year at Ooty (about 12 hours travel time, one way) & Lonavala – a smarter option as it’s just a few hour’s drive from Mumbai. But you might not always have the time, means or inclination to get out of Mumbai.

Today I’m going to talk about my top summer getaways within Mumbai that are perfect to cool off!

Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom is the sister park of Essel World, & Water Kingdom Mumbai has a very special place in my heart because we went there for my ninth standard class picnic! I can still remember goind in the drifting river & all the fun water slides multiple, rain dance & of course some of the rides I couldn’t go on (either because I was underweight or some because I was just too chicken!)

Since water kingdom has mostly water based rides, it’s the perfect choice to cool off during the hot summer days. The size of the park & immense variety of rides (from very calm & relaxed to thrilling & adrenalin pumping) mean there’s something there for everyone, age no bar.

Snow World

My ‘native place’ Goa is a tropical paradise famous for it’s beaches. And I’ve lived most of my life in Mumbai. I’ve travelled pretty extensively, but mostly to other warm / tropical places; as a result I am a 24 year old who has never seen snow!

While seeing natural snow is definitely part of my bucket list, I’m glad that Snow World is just 20 minutes away from home. Located in one of my most frequented malls, Snow World might be somewhat small but it makes up for it by giving a fabulous experience. Temperatures inside are around -10° C & the entry fee includes warm clothes you would need to be comfortable inside (just don’t forget to carry your own socks) – you can even ice skate! Great way to spend an hour or two, & you can of course shop & eat right after (best part about it being in a mall!)

When the days get too hot in Mumbai, I like to take a bit of time off by going to either one of these places & I always return home feeling cool, refreshed & ready to take on another day. What are your favorite little cooling getaways within the city? Let me know if I’ve missed some place.