Blogging is a fun & rewarding jobs but my favorite perk of the job, by far has to be the opportunity to test new products, especially ones in the beauty & personal care sphere.

It’s no secret to regular readers that I’ve been shaving for a long time. It was my first method of hair removal & after trying out various other methods over the years, I’ve come back to it for good. I’ve even created a lot of shaving related content here, right from a beginner’s guide to shaving your legs to discussing my experience with other forms of hair removal & busting a shaving related myth or two.

Tools of the Trade

Shaving is by far one of the easiest & quickest forms of hair removal but you can’t discount how important the razor is in having a smooth shaving experience. All razors aren’t created equal. I’ve been guilty of using a cheap disposable razor in a pinch (yep, I sometimes forget to pack my beauty essentials) & I found the experience to be uncomfortable & scratchy.

I’d been more than satisfied using the Gillette Venus razor but when I heard there was a new Gillette Venus Breeze razor being released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! I’ve been using it for over a month now, about every other day & I think I’m ready to share my two cents on the new razor.

At a Glance – The Gillette Venus Breeze

The new Gillette Venus Breeze is quite a looker. All purple body with some translucent, rubberised bits that make it easier to grip, especially when you’re wet & slippery in a shower. But it’s not just looks – what truly sets the razor apart (the 2 in 1 bit) are the built in shave gel bars above & below the blades.Gillette Venus BreezeThese bars are supposed to completely eliminate the need for a shaving gel. Just wet up the razor & you’re totally good to go. The first cartridge is included with your razor (but packaged separately to keep the bars fresh & moisture free). Later on, the cartridges can be purchased in packs of two.Gillette Venus Breeze

Depending on your frequency of usage, a cartridge can last anywhere between 1-3 months. I found that if improperly stored they do get extra soggy & that can decrease longevity.

Gillette Venus BreezeWhen wet up the soap bars do give out a sort of slippery & moist gel (they call it light lather) that makes the razor glide super smooth. Even if you’re shaving at the last minute before stepping out, you can just place the razor under a tap for a few seconds & use it.

The lather may not be visible that much but it works quite well. Of course, using it during a bath / shower is always the best experience though.
Gillette Venus BreezeI was fairly impressed with the soap bar’s ability to lubricate my skin without getting spent. After a month of use, I can see that bars are more spent but I still have a few more uses before I change cartridges.

In case you’ve experiences dry or scratchy skin after shaving, I think the Gillette Venus Breeze does a very good job of eliminating that problem. As always though, regular exfoliation (at least twice weekly) & moisturization (once or twice a day) should be included in your routine.

I’ve had a very pleasant experience using the Gillette Venus Breeze, it’s made the already simple process of shaving my legs even easier, quicker & more comfortable (can I say breezier? or would that be too much?).

The Gillette Venus Breeze is now available in India, in stores & online. The Gillette Venus Breeze razor retails for ₹299 & a pack of two cartridges costs ₹350. x