Taking care of my hair has always been a bit of a battle. I have thick hair, but it’s also dry, coarse & very prone to frizz. Colouring & heat styling my hair hasn’t really helped matters.

I’m always looking for ways to improve the texture of my hair & care for it. Oiling one’s hair with a scalp massage (champi maalish!) is quite an integral part self care here in India. Oils infused with herbs or flowers are quite common. Recently, Hair & Care introduced first of it’s kind fruit oils in two variants.

Hair & Care Fruit Oils The GREEN fruit oil has orange, anaar and strawberry extracts.

Oranges serve as a natural conditioner. Every part of the fruit has several benefits including the pulp, juice and even the peel.
Anaar (pomegranate) helps in getting rid of dull hair. It contains essential fatty acids and punicic acid that gives shine to your hair.
Strawberries moisturises, adds shine and smoothens the hair.

The ORANGE fruit oil has olive, mosambi and green apple extracts.

Olives helps in sealing the moisture and protecting the keratin in the hair due to its high content of Vitamin A, E and antioxidants.
Mosambi helps in the treatment of split ends and dandruff,
Green apple helps in promoting hair growth.

The oils are each available in four sizes (50, 100, 200 & 300 ml) & come in plastic bottles with secure, flip top caps.

Directions for Use: Before wash deeply massage into scalp for extra nutrition. After wash dab a few drops for manageable hair.

Hair & Care Fruit Oils

While the fruit oils aren’t what I would call a dry oil, they aren’t overtly heavy, greasy or oily either. They do have a fruity fragrance which smells so pleasant.

I’ve actively used these oils for around a month now. I tend to prefer using them a few hours before I wash my hair. I apply the oil super generously on my hair, then do a little scalp massage – other than being super relaxing it also promotes circulation, which will improve the health of your scalp & in turn the texture of your hair. If lucky enough to have a mom do this for you (like mine!) then you’re golden.

Sometimes I like putting on oil just before going to sleep & washing my hair the next morning. I feel this not only gives the product more time to act, but I always have the best sleep with oil on!

I’ve been aiming to use oil at least twice a week. Sometimes if I’m busy, just once. Oils don’t show instant results but you’ll usually reap the benefits of adding them to your regimen. I do think this has improved the mids & ends of my hair, which were previously bleached & hence pretty damaged.

Hair & Care Fruit Oils

I’m always really bad at self care, but I’m trying to get better. I’ve really enjoyed using these – they smell great, are non greasy & very pocket friendly. You can buy them online here – green fruit oil & orange fruit oil.

What is one way you take care of & pamper your hair? Do share in the comments! x