“I followed my heart and it took me to whiskey” – said a whiskey lover once. And whoever the person was, they perfectly understood the magic of whiskey and fell in love with it. If you consider yourself an admirer of this ‘amber nectar’, think again for we are sure you don’t know about the best distillery that has just entered the whiskey world with wonderful products.  

Wish to know more?

As you know, whiskey is prepared all over the world, and every place has its own distinct flavour. And that flavour not only varies from country to country but city to city as well. The reason behind this is the process that a particular distillery uses to come up with the ultimate whiskey.

Whiskey which came to India in the 18th century with the Britishers, has now become a part of the country. It may seem hard to believe, but India is the biggest consumer of whiskey all over the world in terms of volume. In 2010, Bangalore single malt by Amrut was declared the world’s best whiskey by whiskey connoisseur Jim Murray. Looking at the rising demand, many new brands came up in the industry. But today, we will talk about a new entrant in the largest market of liquor consumption in India, i.e., Karnataka.

Have you heard of the best distillery in Karnataka?

If your answer is no, we will make sure it becomes a yes next time some asks you the same question.

Hermes Distillery, the brainchild of Mr. Amit Kore, made a fantastic entry in the market in 2017. With an aim to raise the bar for Indian spirits, Hermes Distillery introduced Tomsa plant to India – a 100-year-old distillery technology from Spain used by Bacardi, Johnnie Walker, and Crown Royal and became the first Indian distillery to take such step.

It launched several exquisite labels that have won the hearts of many whiskey lovers so much that it is now considered as the best distillery in Karnataka with some of the best whiskey brands in India.

Be it whiskey, brandy, vodka or rum, Hermes’ offerings cater to all your needs. Their labels range from aspirational to super-premium covering wide spectrum of tastes.

Let us introduce some of the products that Hermes offers:

  • Rockdove

Considered as one of the best whiskey brands, Rockdove offers a matchless flavour that can fill your mundane day with exciting energy in just one sip. The distillery has not just focused on the taste but also made sure that this premium whiskey with 42.80% alcohol content meets the highest of standards.

  • Indian Honey

Another sophisticated spirit from Hermes, Indian Honey is made with some of the finest ingredients that make it the best liquor you have ever tasted. So, next time you wish to satisfy your craving, just take a chilled shot of Indian Honey and enjoy the distinctive aftertaste of anise on your palate.

  • Murano

Finally, a rum on the list! Murano, made from molasses, has its own strong taste that can make your successful moments jollier.

  • Red Bliss

As the name suggests, this vodka is no less than a bliss with its powerful high. To make this potion of ecstasy, it is distilled five times to set a new benchmark for other vodka brands.

  • Lincoln

Suited for all occasions, this brandy is as influential as its name. The brandy is made from the best of the Indian grapes that are blended and distilled to give you the ultimate taste.

  • 6 Bullet

Last but not the least in the list is 6 Bullet. This strong whiskey is prepared using the finest of Indian grains whose taste can make your moments extra special.

Whether you drink for leisure or to express your style, these brands will suit them all. And now that you know about the best distillery, it is time to upgrade your collection and taste something exclusive and new!