Taking you through Orient’s newest fan lineup.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the launch of the Orient Aerostorm fan. Having a ceiling fan based on aerodynamics seemed like something out of a sci-fi film, but we switched to them earlier this year & I could never go back to regular fans.

A few days ago, Orient also launched their newest range of lifestyle fans in India. These aren’t ceiling fans but rather lightweight & stylish desk / tower fans that can easily be placed anywhere at home.

While pedestal fans have been known to be an eyesore, these have been designed keeping in mind both form & function. They won’t just look good at home, they’ll actually add to the elegance of any interior setting.

Orient Bladeless Fan

New Orient Lifestyle Fans

Orient Bladeless Fan

Orient Bladeless

Orient Bladeless uses a combination of physics & aerodynamics to multiply air without the use of traditional fan blades.

Not only does this fan look unique, bladeless operation also makes it that much safer to use, especially with children at home. It operates quite silently, has a swing function to distribute air across a room & even has a mood light built in with four colour options (off white, green, purple & blue). It consumes less power, is extremely easy to clean, has a timer function & even a remote control for convenience.

Orient Monroe Tower Fan

Orient Monroe

Another stylish new launch, the Orient Monroe tower fan is not just contemporary & stylish, it’s smaller footprint makes it perfect for tight spaces. It comes with three speed settings, a timer as well as remote control.

The Monroe has three different modes – natural, normal & sleep. When used with an air conditioner especially, the fan will keep your comfortable & cool for longer, without the huge energy consumption.

Orient Auctor Fan

Orient Auctor

Another first of it’s kind, the Orient Auctor is small fan with 3D oscillation. You can put this rotating fan anywhere in a room & it will cool all corners. Like the others, it comes with a strong & reliable motor that also operates silently.

This even has a remote control, touch panel & built in timer. It’s small & light so as to make it easy to move with you, to any room at your home / office.

Orient Proteus Box Fan

Orient Proteus

The Proteus is a box fan featuring a clean & premium look with a strong, silent motor. It features round edges & a three speed control panel along with a timer. With a 30° vertical adjustment, you can direct the airflow to suit your requirements.

Orient Bladeless Fan

Orient has been releasing a lot of innovations in the consumer electronics / home appliances space & this new range of lifestyle fans just add to that.

They are well designed & have a lot of smart features built in, at price points that won’t break the bank.

Summer’s coming soon enough & I think these fans are a perfect fit for anyone who wants better cooling at home without skyrocketing electricity bills.

The new range of fans are available in all major electric shops as well as online on Amazon India. The Orient Bladeless & Orient Monroe are already at the top of my wishlist!

Know more about these lifestyle fans on the website. x