Planning an international trip isn’t easy – there are a lot of parameters to consider, especially if it’s your first time. If you’re an Indian looking to make a trip abroad on a budget, I hope the information in this post will help you make it happen!

Short list your Dream Destinations 🗺

It’s a big, beautiful world with so many places to see. So when it comes to planning trips, the first step for me is to have a shortlist of places I’d like to see. I have an idea of which country I want to visit, as well as destinations within the country. And usually, I’ll have done a basic amount of research about each place, so I know about things like language, culture, weather, visa procedures etc.

Search for Cheap Flights 🛫

Flight tickets are the first step to a new country & can also be one of the biggest expenses. So I always keep a lookout for flight ticket offers that will help me see a new place without spending a bomb. It also helps to know your schedule & when you can take time off. As a content creator, my schedule is very flexible so that gives me more leeway while planning trips. Planning ahead can be the best way to book cheap flights, although a lot of airlines also offer excellent last minute deals.

Create a Rough Itinerary 📖

I’m a very impulsive traveller & prefer to take each day as it comes. Still, an itinerary helps me keep some structure. I’ll try to list all the places I want to visit + note down other information like entry fees, weekly offs etc. I’ll also see what attractions are close together so I can visit them on the same day.

Every trip I go on is unique, & can be a great learning experience. These three steps have helped me plan & execute trips on stricter budgets, so I can see more of the world without going totally broke. x