Every traveller has a traveller wishlist. A list of dream destinations they’d like to make it to. And for years, Dubai has been at the top of my mom’s list.

We did technically visit Dubai in the early 2000s – but just the airport on a quick layover to the states. The modern & glamorous decor just made my mother all the more interested in visiting.

I’ve always know of Dubai as a really good place for shopping, with large, sprawling mall complexes. And of course, who doesn’t know about dune bashing? But my mother’s desire to visit made me look a bit deeper at what the city has to offer for travellers.

And I was surprised to find a surprisingly diverse amount of attraction in the city, no matter what your age, personal preferences or budget may be. So I thought I’d share my top Top 10 Activities to do in Dubai for different kinds of travellers.

Dubai Attractions for Adventure Seekers

If you travel to get your adrenaline pumping, Dubai is one of the best places for you. They have everything from skydiving to extreme water-sports. If you want the quintessential Dubai experience, don’t forget to take a desert safari. The sunset ones are especially scenic.

Dubai Attractions for Luxury Afficianados

Dubai is currently home to the world’s tallest building as well as a man made island shaped like a palm tree. It houses sprawling malls & some of the world’s most opulent hotels. Whether you enjoy super-luxe hotel rooms, the most exclusive gourmet meals or every luxury fashion brand imaginable – in Dubai, it’s all within reach.

Dubai Attractions for Budget Conscious

While Dubai may be better known for luxury & glamour, there are a lot of good experiences for budget conscious travellers as well. You can spend a day at the beach, people watch or even walk through the souks. The Dubai fountain is also truly spectacular & free to watch.

Dubai Attractions for Photographers (+ Instagrammers!)

If prefer to make visual memories (like me!) Dubai offers a lot of amazing spots for photography & videography. The aforementioned fountains, the marina, Al Fahidi historic district etc. are all. My personal pick would be the miracle gardens, with millions of gorgeous flowers in bloom!

It’s hard to compile everything Dubai has to offer in one post but I tried my best. Have you been to Dubai? I’d love to hear about your favorite things to do in Dubai in the comments below!