Dresses can be a lot of fun to wear. They come in a seemingly endless variety of styles and colors. But choosing the right dress for you is not always easy. To successfully choose the right dress, you should understand the benefits of certain styles and their effects, such as how they fit to your form. Mastering the art of fashion is not only a brilliant way to feel confident, but it can be a step towards a lavish modelling career. A modelling portfolio is the perfect space to share your creativity and unique sense of style. Here are some fun dress styles to add to your wardrobe. Together, they can ensure you have a dress for any occasion.

Shift Dress

When you select a dress, it needs to compliment ,your body shape. Common body shapes include apple, pear and hourglass. Some dresses only look good on certain body types, but that is not the case with a shift dress. This dress design, which reached a popularity peak in the 1960s but is still fashionable today, suits any body type. That is due to its box-like shape. It is typically sleeveless and often short. You can accent it with boots or a jacket to create a variety of looks. Shift dresses also come in many patterns and colors.

Pencil Dress

A pencil dress is named for its form-fitting shape. It is somewhat tapered at the waist. This simple dress design is ideal for dates and parties. You can purchase pencil dresses with differing necklines as well. For example, a turtleneck pencil dress is ideal for staying warm on winter outings. A V-neck pencil dress is more likely to turn heads at a party.

A-Line Dress

An A-line dress is so named due to being shaped somewhat like the letter “A.” The design best fits a pear-shaped form. It accents the shoulders and waist. The bottom of the dress adds some flair and freedom of movement. A-line wedding dresses are quite popular, but there are also plenty of A-line dresses available for daily wear.

Denim Dress

A denim dress is a dress made from denim, which is the material used to make jeans. Denim dresses come in several lengths and styles. Mini and slip denim dresses are popular part wear. A-line and other types of denim dresses are also available. Denim dresses are comfortable and versatile because you can easily change your over all appearance in a denim dress by altering the accents you use. For example, changing your purse or jewelry can give the dress a whole new appearance.

Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is an ideal choice when you have an hourglass figure. It is form-fitting, meaning it will hug and accentuate your curves. It has no visible seams and typically hangs to approximately knee level. A sheath dress can help you achieve a formal look for business purposes. It often comes in solid colors, which are easily accented with shoes and other accessories. Patterned prints are also available.

Empire Waist Dress

The empire waist dress has been around for a few centuries. It is characterized by a defined area where material is gathered directly under the bust, creating a distinct separation between the bust and lower portions of the dress. The result is wearing the dress can make you look like you have legs that are quite long. That effect is ideal if you are on the shorter side and want to give the appearance of being taller than you are.

Mermaid Silhouette Dress

If you spend a lot of time attending formal parties, you need a dependable ballgown that will help you make an entrance. The mermaid silhouette dress is just such a gown. The dress is form-fitting down to the waist. Then it suddenly flares at the bottom to create a majestic look reminiscent of the flaring out of a mermaid tail. Mermaid silhouette dresses come in several styles. Choose the waist type most appropriate for your body shape to bring out the areas you wish to accent.