You have to be ready for any type of emergency or concerns that may affect your vacation to the point of not being able to enjoy it. Among those you have to be ready for should you opt for a cruise is seasickness.

Seasickness at sea can affect both seasoned and first-time cruisers. Many passengers experience some form of discomfort or disorientation within their first 48 hours at sea, while acquiring their balance on a moving cruise ship. For those who can’t find their balance, the trip is sure to be miserable.

Ensure that you get to enjoy one of those short cruises deals from Sydney that you are able to snatch up after a quick search on Google. While there’s no easy way to predict if you’ll suffer from seasickness during your trip, you have to be ready to combat it or, better yet, avoid it in the first place. Here are some ways to do just that.

motion sickness cruise

1. Be Prepared

Over the counter motion sickness medication can be a big help. Make sure you buy non-drowsy formulas, so you don’t fall asleep and miss out on your trip. You can start taking the medication a day or two before the trip, so the medication is in your system before you even board the ship.

2. Stay Focused

The mind is a powerful thing. If you’re convinced you’re going to get sick on your trip, you might just get sick. Of, if you’ve suffered other types of motion sickness in the past, it could influence your wellbeing when you’re on board. Try to focus on activities on the ship to take your mind off things and stay away from anyone who does get motion sick.

3. Stay Away From The Cabin

To get your sea legs working and get used to being on board the cruise ship, spend as much time outside on the deck as you can. Look out towards the horizon to help maintain your equilibrium.

Most cruise ships have gyms or athletic equipment where you can keep your body in shape. Also, don’t forget to consume enough fresh fruit that’ll help you with sugar intake and always stay hydrated. Probably the best advice is to book a cabin with a private balcony so you can have access to fresh air whenever you want. If you haven’t been on long cruises, book a short 3 day cruise first to get the hand of cruising before attempting to embark on a longer cruise.

4. Avoid Known Triggers

There are plenty of factors that contribute to feeling off-balance. Stay away from known triggers like foods high in sugar, salt and fat. Stay away from alcohol, too, for 24 hours before you set off, and steer clear of poor ventilation since strong smells can overwhelm your senses, pushing you over the edge. Stick to small, plain meals to soothe your stomach, like saltines, ginger and green apples.

5. Choose Your Cabin Carefully

Lower and more centrally located cabins tend to pose the least possible threat of seasickness. Balcony staterooms work well, too, as you can open your door for fresh air.

6. Don’t Spend Too Many Days At Sea

Itineraries that include more ports are the way to go. Try to spend fewer days at sea and more on land to avoid getting sick.

motion sickness cruise

7. Try To Stay Calm

If poor weather is unavoidable, crews are usually proactive. The captain will give you frequent updates and the rest of the crew may pass out crackers, green apples and medicine. Try your best to remain calm and rather focus on other activities. Try your best to enjoy your trip and have fun with all the cruise ship entertainment. 

Everyone reacts differently to motion sickness, so some of these tips may work better for you than others. The key, though, is to be prepared!