Money is not the only way to attain great style. With today’s ever-changing seasons and trends, that can be difficult to believe. But in reality, a lower budget is no obstacle when it comes to looking fashionable. What’s more is that you can still make frequent additions to your wardrobe, albeit a little more conservatively.  

Making this happen is as simple as committing to a few useful money-saving fashion tips. There are also some things you can do without spending anything at all, such as selling or repurposing existing pieces in your wardrobe. Read on to learn more about how you can dress fashionably on a budget. 

dress fashionably budget

Cover the Basics

Your first step should be to ensure you have enough staples to serve a variety of different looks. These garments are typically neutral and free of complicated designs. Ideally, they should also be timeless, thus ensuring that you can hold onto them for years to come. This can include plain t-shirts, form-fitting jeans, white sneakers and a jacket or blazer. 

Shop the Resale Market

Found something you like at Zara or H&M? Before you pull the trigger, take a look at a resale website such as eBay, Depop or Vestiaire Collective to see if you can pick up the garment secondhand at a lower cost. Outlet and thrift stores are also great places to stock up on pieces that once had triple-digit price tags. 

If you don’t fancy the idea of wearing someone else’s clothes, consider waiting a few days to see if your desired piece goes on sale. Chances are that it will at some point or another. It’s almost never worth paying the full price for clothes, especially when it comes to heavily marked-up fast-fashion garments. 

Consider Tailoring

With just a few quick stitches, even the cheapest jacket or pair of jeans can look like something from an Italian fashion house. Tailoring your clothes is worth every penny, as you can get them altered to perfectly fit your body. Keep in mind that the simpler the garment is, the easier and more affordable the tailoring job will be. 

Upgrade Your Buttons

Another way to elevate the look of cheaper pieces is to replace the plastic buttons with something a little more attractive. Bone, metal and mother of pearl are all great options. You can either take them from clothes you no longer wear, or pick up a set online through Etsy or eBay. Best of all, you needn’t attach the new buttons yourself – your local dry cleaner will likely do it for a few bucks. 

Compare Before You Buy

Deals websites can help you find the clothes you want at lower prices by comparing the stores that sell them. For example, you can find the top deals for the day at Upgraded Reviews. This includes not only apparel, but also beauty products, electronics, food, entertainment and much more. 

Avoid Distressed Pieces

Distressing is an art that cannot be replicated without a considerable amount of time and effort, which translates to a higher sale price. This is why cheaper hardware and fabrics with a distressed look often end up looking old and worn out quickly. One exception is ripped jeans, but it’s better to be cautious here. 

Invest in a Steamer

A few wrinkles can make even the highest quality designer garment look cheap. Then again, ironing is quite a chore and can damage your clothing. A steamer, on the other hand, can blast the wrinkles away without any risk of damage and is significantly more convenient. 

Dressing fashionably on a budget largely comes down to taking care of and making the most out of every piece you invest in. Get it right, and you’ll have plenty of leftover cash to splurge on life’s other necessities. x