There have been times that 2020 has felt like the slowest year ever, yet it seems like we blinked & it’s December already. It’s time to reflect on (& celebrate) the past year & also prepare for the road ahead.

Working (& Dressing) Differently

When the pandemic hit this year, a lot of people made the switch to working from home. As a content creator, I felt like things wouldn’t be that different for me as I’d always worked from home. But that was, at some level a rather naive thought. Overnight, the (IRL) social aspect of what I do faded away & I had to adjust to just working from & being at home, all the time. No trips to the mall to browse for hours. No coffee dates with friends. No glamorous events to cover. Things slowed down quite a bit.

While the early summer months were spent mostly in sweats & pajamas, I think we all began to realise the importance of dressing up, even if it is to sit at your desk (& the occasional zoom call). I’ve found dressing up more often to be a huge mood boost, & though it takes some effort, the payoff is always worth it. Dressing up doesn’t have to mean formal co-ords, tight jeans, or a full beat. I like wearing nicer tshirts & accessorizing thoughtfully. A dainty watch, subtle diamonds & a lick of makeup make me feel like a professional, competent human being. Oh & I’ve also been wearing my hair naturally all the time. After more than a decade of regular heat styling, I decided to try the curly girl method early during lockdowns & it has been life changing.

Eating Out(doors)

Another thing that the pandemic seemingly put an end to was dining out. Thought I didn’t do it too frequently, it was a luxury that felt great to indulge in once in a while. However a few restaurants have begun opening up (with an abundance of precautions) & we went out to brunch recently, for the first time since March. The place we chose was newly opened, had a lovely ambiance with outdoor seating. We had an amazing seafood brunch & I do look forward to venturing out more.

The Neverending Renovation

A few months ago, I suddenly had the bright idea to do a complete room makeover. I mean it’s not like the idea came out of nowhere – it had been on my to-do list for a while but it just seemed like I couldn’t find the time to devote to it. So I decided that now was the perfect time to work on it – I spent hours on research, & audaciously talked about how I was going to do everything myself (including crack filling, painting etc.) I was very confident that I’d be in my new room by December 1st.

Since then I’ve had more than a few setbacks & have had to greatly adjust my timelines for this project. Although I did find the perfect lighting cords after waiting months for them to be in stock, so that’s a win. I’m not backing down, just taking it slower & breaking the project into more easily digestible pieces. You’ll be seeing hearing more about the process as we head into 2021, I wouldn’t want all the effort I put in to go to waste! x