We’ve all had to spend so much time indoors of late, that we’ve spent too much time staring at our walls.  Living with the same décor day in day out has led some of us to want a refresh.  The bedroom is one room we might be tempted to restyle first.

So, how do you plan a bedroom restyle?  These tips will show you how.

What type of floor would you like?

If a cosy bedroom is your goal, then plan for carpet fitting costs.  If light and airy is more your thing, you’ll need to choose from affordable laminate or splash out on luxury wooden flooring.

Once you’ve decided on your flooring type, you can work out the estimated cost by measuring the length and width of the room.  You can use these measurements in an online calculator to work out the price you’re likely to pay. 

How will you decorate the walls?

Are you thinking of painting the walls, wallpapering or simply refreshing with new artwork?  If you’re painting the walls, you’ll need to work out how many tins of paint you need and if you’re wallpapering make sure you buy enough rolls! 

Doing a quick artwork update or creating a gallery wall is another popular way of restyling your walls. If you’re attempting a gallery wall try colour-coordinating different styles of prints, or mix and match for an eclectic style.  You may want to try visualising your gallery wall and planning where to put pictures before you hammer in any nails.

Restyling the bed

Restyling a bed is a simple and enjoyable task. But before you get carried away buying new sheets, pillow and covers, check whether you also need to spend money on a new mattress.  This will be the most expensive purchase and the most important one. It’s always best to test new mattresses to ensure you pick the right one.

Now you can choose between cool linens, soft cotton or luxurious silk bedding for your finishing touches.  Blend your colour scheme carefully to complement your flooring and walls.

And the bedside table

And lastly, will you be buying new bedside tables to match your restyled room? Or will you upcycle the ones you have?  You could change legs, handles and paintwork to completely renew your tables.

If you already have new bedside tables, you can accessorise the tables to match your new room.  Change side lamps and ornaments to create a distinct new look.