A chatty round up of what I’ve been upto lately.

A couple of months ago, this space turned 12! I can still remember starting this blog as a way to chronicle interesting happenings in my life during my first year of college. Even though I’m not as regular here as I used to be, I’m grateful to have this space to come back to, to write, document & reflect.

While this space is public, it still feels very much like a diary and reading posts from a decade ago makes me smile & cringe in equal measure. In these last few months, I feel like I’ve made a lot of small changes & set some much larger ones in motion.

Going Home

The year started out quite promising with a trip back home to Goa. I always look forward to these & I hadn’t visited in almost two years. It was dreamy – after many months of being cooped up in a very urban setting, we walked many miles everyday, cooked many fresh amazing meals, visited family, plant spotted & took a lot of great photos.

I wore very little makeup, accessorized with my favorite chain necklace & made sure I wore comfy shoes. My new pair of 90’s style bermuda shorts & me were totally inseparable.

Goa is always fun to visit but this time I found myself considering the viability of staying? I mean sure it’d be a big adjustment, but what if?

Making Ceramics

While on the last days of my trip, I decided to take a course in ceramics. It’s something I’d always wanted to do but kept putting off but after spending months at home consuming pottery videos on youtube (throwing stuff on the wheel can be so calming to watch!) I finally signed up.

It was just a beginner’s course but in a very idyllic setting. I also had the privilege of having an amazing teacher who was both very experienced & extremely patient. Handbuilding my first piece was a thrill & after our ten sessions we over, I made the decision to continue practising at home.

Buying all the necessary tools pinched a bit but it was also quite exciting to commit to this new art form (new to me, at least).

I spent a few weeks in April working on my ‘first collection’ & even set up a new instagram account. I experimented with two clay bodies (an ivory white & a lovely toasted brown) & there were some failures & frustrations but that just made the successes even more special. Pottery does have such a long production cycle though – building may be one of the more laborious steps but there’s also the refining, bisque fire, glazing & glaze fire. My pieces are carefully drying with me & I can’t wait to see them finished! I’ve even made a few small gifts for friends. Here’s hoping that the kiln gods will be on my side.

Moving Forward

Now that you’re up to speed on what I’ve done so far, it’s probably time to discuss my immediate plans. I’ve turned into a total homebody & I’m not complaining. I’ve managed to cut down on buying new clothes & using (or donating) pieces I already own. I’ve taken to needle & thread for the first time since school – just to mend things, but I hope to experiment with embroidery.

Remember when I wrote about getting into houseplants last year? I got a lot more. I did lose a few but most are thriving, & it’s been a very enriching experience. A few days ago I decided to get into growing food. Doing so in an apartment has it’s logistical challenges but I’m starting with onions & it’s fascinating to see how fast they grow.

I hope to knock learn a few new skills in the next couple of months but for now I’m enjoying the stillness at home & the simple routine of watering my plants, playing with the cats & cooking a lot of wholesome meals. I just bought some kimchi so I’m gonna try & make kimchi fried rice tonight! x