Yet another rambling life update.

It’s been a little while since I last checked in here. The weather has changed a bit, we’ve gone from long, bright, hot days to shorter, rainy humid ones.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy on a day to day basis – passing the time with hobbies at home, as well as working on some bigger plans that scare & enthral me in equal measure.

Studio Hours

I’m still working on my first ceramics collection. While I built most of the pieces at home, things opening up again means I could visit a studio again, for the first time since March! I’ve found a new place to practise; it’s much larger than my previous studio & very well equipped. I’ve visited a couple of times already to get my pieces fired. It’s been fun to dress up for studio visits; denim dungarees have become my go-to, & I keep accessories to the minimum – fun earrings & pinky rings, with a roomy canvas tote to carry supplies. The studio is halfway across town so it’s fun to take little walks there before getting in a cab to head back home.

Jungalow Vibes

I usually resent the rainy season thanks to the dullness & extreme humidity that come along with it. But this year I’ve found myself quite enjoying the season & I know that the plants are a bit part of the reason why. A lot of my plants have tripled their growth rate & I’ve even had to repot one that quickly outgrew it’s pot. I cut a few of my plants down & decided to propagate them so I could share the houseplant love with friends & family. I cannot describe the joy I get from seeing a new leaf unfurl – it really never gets old.


I’ve always considered myself a homebody – even more so when I got cats. But in the last two years I’ve really surprised myself with how I’m able to keep busy & fulfilled at home. A couple of weeks ago I tried my hands at a simple mango pickle (my first!) & my only regret was that I missed most of this year’s pickling season – I’m gonna be on it for sure come 2022!

I did previously allude to growing onions but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. They got all squishy before I could transfer them to a pot, so I’m gonna have to try again later.

Learning New Things

So I’ve always considered myself an auto-didact. I love learning new skills, as long as I can teach them to myself (through the internet or youtube). I really hate ‘class’ setups. But alas, there are some things that you can’t teach yourself, you need to learn from a proper instructor! I was nervous about this when I started ceramics early this year but I was lucky to have an amazing teacher. Now there’s one more thing that I want to learn – even though it’s intimidating, I really want to push through. I’m hoping to tackle it this month, so please wish me luck! x