Bras are one of the essential clothing items in any woman’s wardrobe, although the reasons for this importance extend way beyond comfort. While providing maximum stability and comfort is one of its main jobs, bras also hold an important place in fashion as they make for the basic structure of any outfit. Wearing the right bra with the right outfit is what ensures you get the desired look you’re going for, so having a good collection of sexy bra options in your wardrobe is a must.

As far as fashion goes, one always tends to follow as many trends as possible, and sheer tops are not going out of style anytime soon. Here are a few types of sexy bra styles that you should wear with sheer tops:

  1. Bralettes: Lace bralettes are sexy bras that you can pull off with sheer tops. The lack of an underwire will provide comfort, while the intricate lace patterns will complement the sheer top in a very flattering way. As sheer tops leave your bra on full display, this is one of the best options to go with, as the neckline is just deep enough to be sexy but not uncomfortable. 
  1. Camisole Bras: Just because you are planning on wearing a sheer top for the day doesn’t mean you necessarily want to pair it with a sexy bra. You can go for a simple look instead with camisole bras. These are usually full length or slightly shorter and sit comfortably on your chest with a fabric covering your cleavage. You can look for these in cotton options for the cosiest experience.
  1. Strapless Bras: Another way to put together a trendy outfit is by going with strapless bras. These either do not have a strap or have a transparent one to give the illusion of a strapless bra. You can get these in padded as well as non-padded push-up bra options on sites like Zivame.
  1. Nude Bras: Nude bras are perfect for when you want to wear a sheer top but don’t want to draw too much attention to your undergarment. A nude coloured bra will easily blend in with your natural skin colour and give the external illusion that you’re wearing a regular top. This is an excellent option for someone who likes wearing sheer tops but doesn’t want to wear sexy bras.
  1. Bandeau Bras: Bandeau bras, in essence, look like a strap of cloth wrapped around your breasts with no visible shoulder straps. Now, you can find these in many stylish patterns like sweetheart neckline, V-neck, etc., that you can use for night outs with friends. It makes for the perfect sexy outfit that will have you exploring the daring side of your fashion in no time.

With these bras in your wardrobe, you can wear the best and most stylish outfits at any upcoming event. In addition, you can buy hot bras online in high quality and affordable price ranges, only on Zivame. It’s one of the biggest online shopping stores for lingerie, so go ahead and buy hot bras!