Do you see a stunning outfit on a mannequin or a model and rush to buy it only to feel ridiculous in it? Do you spend most of your time in hoodies and sweatpants because you’ve given up on looking good? None of this means that you can’t look and feel fabulous—it’s all a matter of gaining some more self-confidence. Here are some tips to help you feel confident in any outfit.

Keep your body shape in mind

Unfortunately, when you go into a store and look at clothes, they are not normally classified according to the body shape they suit best. Most clothing companies will produce only one version of each garment and make each size bigger by the same proportion in all dimensions than the one before, with the result that if you are short and curvy or tall and slim, the item won’t look good on you. Thankfully, there are guides out there to help you figure out what kinds of clothes will fit your body shape best. Buying clothes made for your body, not for someone else’s, will make you feel instantly more confident.

Experiment with your partner

If you are feeling low on body confidence, one way to increase your confidence is to model some outfits at home for your partner or for a close friend. Those who love us tend to see us in a much less critical light than we see ourselves, so listen to your partner’s compliments, and if they tell you that you look good, believe them!

On the subject of partners, another way to boost your body confidence is to increase your sexual confidence, as the two are closely related. Take the initiative to suggest new things to your partner to spice up your sex life, such as buying some new sex toys or lingerie, and then watch your partner get aroused by the sight of your body—there are a few things more powerful than that for boosting your body image. Besides, once you have become confident wearing strap ons, leather harnesses, or lace corsets, regular outfits won’t feel so scary anymore.

Fake it ’til you make it

While this maxim doesn’t work in every situation, it often works in the case of self-confidence. Sometimes making a decision to go out into the world and behave as if you feel comfortable in your own skin can be the first step towards feeling comfortable in your own skin—or in your own clothes—for real. When you wake up feeling a bit daring, put on an outfit that you like but don’t feel confident in, and make a conscious effort to appear confident in your body language. Over time, you’ll get used to behaving this way—standing up straight, smiling, looking people in the eyes—and it will start to come naturally to you until, eventually your actual confidence increases. It’s a bit like making yourself smile when you’re sad—it sends a message to your brain to release neuropeptides, which make you less sad!