Have you ever thought about fostering a child and what that would mean? There are not just benefits for the children, but also positive aspects for your personal journey too. While hundreds of reasons exist to support the idea of becoming a foster carer, this post focuses on the four major bonuses. Keep reading to discover the amazing impact this role has on the world. 

Unparalleled Support

As a foster carer, you will be taking on a major responsibility. However, the flip side of this is that there is unparalleled support. There is no role in the world that cares for its team in the way that agencies like orangegrovefostercare.co.uk do. This is because carers are truly valued and the professional bodies leading the arrangements want the best possible outcome for everyone in the settings. You will have a dedicated social worker who is your first point of contact for all questions and worries. Depending on the agency you foster with, there may also be peer support, therapeutic services, and educational input, alongside respite nights and so much more. 

Financial Input

Foster carers also receive a fostering allowance which will help them offset the cost of looking after a young person in their home. This is tax free but the amount you receive will differ depending on the agency or local authority you foster with. You may also receive additional monetary support systems for carers too including extra allowances and discount cards. All of this helps you cover the cost of a child in your care.

Amazing Experiences

Fostering is all about making a difference in the lives of young people from birth right through to when they turn 18. During this time, whether you opt for a long-term placement or concentrate on emergency support, one thing remains certain: you will have some truly amazing experiences along the way. This means great days out, fantastic outcomes, authentic connections, and seeing the difference you make in real time. You can meet children from all walks of life and have your eyes opened to the world in such a unique way. 

Supporting Families

Children move into the foster care system for a variety of reasons, and no two are ever identical circumstances. Your role will step up as a way to support lots of different families in lots of different ways. This could be providing a path for children to return to their parental home after an away period, or facilitating a positive outcome for a young person who would not have had it if they were left outside of the care network. 

You will never feel the magnanimous impact that fostering will have, because the ripple effects just continue to emanate for years and years into the future. This is invaluable, and one of the best feelings. Knowing that you are providing a safe space, a home and supporting families who need it most is a beautiful thing indeed. 

Foster care is a wonderful role to step into for these reasons and so many more. Not only will you be in the best position to create positive outcomes, but you will also find a whole new world of experience and professional development.