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    Create #StatementFurniture with Asian Paints Colour on Wood

    February 11, 2016
    Asian Paints Colour on Wood

    Asian Paints recently held a preview of some of their latest offerings at their Colour Store in Hill Road, Bandra. That store was on the route of my daily commute for four years, I remember always admiring how colorful & design-centric the store looked from the outside, so I was ecstatic to finally have a good ‘excuse’ to visit.

    The store spans over two storeys & is quite large, with different sections expertly displaying ways you can transform your home, from different swatches of paint, fancy finishes & even their Nilaya by Sabyasachi wallpaper line, but the main agenda for that morning was to show us how we could transform our homes with their new Colour on Wood service – how one can turn boring, store bought wood furniture into something bold that really reflects our personalities. Continue Reading

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