Today I finally got my nose piercing done.

The tattoo and piercing parlor is close to my college. Right now Diwali vacations are going on. But I had to go to meet a friend and since I was getting my nose pierced I insisted that my mom should come along. I was quite excited about the whole thing but when I reached the parlor I had this strong urge to turn and run. My mum told me that I should decide once for all and so I got in and just said “I wanna get my nose pierced.” I chose the colour of my stud (black) and the guy led me to a section of the shop that was separated by a curtain.

I guess my mum got kinda reassured in some weird way when she heard them speaking in Konkani (my mother tongue) as she usually freaks out when she sees any guy with either of the following- long hair, tattoos, too many piercings and ALL of the four guys who run this shop have all of the above. As he started to sterilize the jewellery I started to freak out and say stuff like “I’m gonna die!!!” repeatedly. When I got my ears pierced for the second time it didn’t hurt but I was expecting pain, bleeding, eye watering here. So he marked the spot and took the jewellery out of the sterilizing machine and he knew that I was shit scared so all he said was, “I’ll just mark the area with this pin to give you an idea of how it will look and before I could react in anyway he pierced it quickly but skillfully and said, “The piercing is done.” I was so shocked. It didn’t hurt at all.

Then he handed me some homeopathic medicine and sea salt, mom paid him and that was that! He just told my mom that he had a lot of experience so he could fool people easily. It didn’t hurt much but after a shower and while applying the medicine it stung a bit. I’m soooooo happy with my piercing and the tiny black stud really look cute! The piercer did a pretty good job and am feeling quite self-satisfied right now. That brings my personal piercing count to five!