Hi everybody and welcome to this blog. My name is Magali (Mags for short) and I live in the city of Mumbai, India. I’m sixteen right now, I go to college (right now the Christmas holidays are on). I’ve just started this blog, which I hope to keep for the rest of my life. Let me tell you some more about myself… My parents gifted me a laptop when I finished from school, I love writing and aspire to be a great blogger, a journalist for the print media and maybe someday even a successful novelist. I am a Feminist, and cannot tolerate any inequality toward women. I often campaign (mostly through my writings) against female foeticide and infanticide which is quite rampant in rural India. I get greatly enthused about new ideas, but lose that enthusiasm quickly. I excel in things that I love, and completely ignore things that I don’t. I’m an only child (no siblings).

This blog will be my sounding board for issues of my personal life, my pet peeves, views and discussions on current affairs (did I mention pet peeves?). I like feedback. There will be lots of questions, and I appreciate people taking part in the polls, leaving comments etc. Thanks for reading, I will post regularly so do come back!

Note: This is the first post I ever wrote for this blog, & I have left it largely untouched for posterity’s sake.
The few posts you encounter that are older than this have actually been imported in from a previous (now defunct) blog.