Okay, if you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you’ll have definitely noticed something. For the past 10 days or so, my posts have been absolute rubbish. Yes, everything I wrote was stupid. Really stupid.

I did a little thinking, and then it just hit me. I need to find better, more meaningful topics to blog about, or I’m just going to delete this blog just to save humanity from the sheer torture of reading the nonsense I write. I first tried Plinky a year so ago, but then forgot about the whole thing. Plinky is a website that gives blocked writers prompts or ideas to start writing again. I was thinking about all this, when I watched Marley & Me today (the film was touching but reading the book is better because you get the real story. The movie changed a lot of stuff)

Anyways, in the film, the character of John Grogan (portrayed by Owen Wilson) is offered a promotion to columnist (from being a reporter) That struck me because I personally think that writing a column is a lot like blogging. Then John realises that Marley is all the inspiration they need, and a lot of his columns are about Marley. So I know how to get rid of the block. Get a Dog! (Yeah right! And get killed. It’s more likely to rain inside our house than for mom to get me a puppy & she has valid reasons for that.)

So the dog idea is obviously out. So that leaves me with my first & only option at the moment: Plinky? I’ll probably give it a try tomorrow.