Hello Blog Readers! Today, Mom told a snippet of a conversation that I couldn’t help but share. And that’s how the ‘Funny Conversation Snippet’ section is born. Hope you enjoy it!

Mom suddenly realised that our stock of eggs was over. So she went to the shop to buy them. Her usual shop was out of stock, so she had to go to a different shop. And the shopkeeper was this slightly, crabby looking lady. So the conversation went something like this: (Note: The conversation was originally in Hindi but I have translated it for everybody’s convenience. Mostly mine)

Mom: Do you have eggs (in stock)?
Shopkeeper: Yes. Three & a half.
Mom thought she didn’t hear the question clearly
Mom: I said, Do you have eggs?
Shopkeeper: Yes. Three & a half.
Now Mom was irritated!
Shopkeeper: Three & a half rupees per egg!!

The shopkeeper was telling Mom the price per egg! (Since the prices had increased!) But Mom never wanted to talk about the price, she was just asking about availability!
So it was just another one of those day-to-day misunderstandings/communication gaps. I must mention that it obviously got sorted out & Mom bought the eggs & left. And she’s not gonna visit that shop again if she can help it.