What’s here, you ask? Why my beloved camera! (Canon EOS 1000D). I’ve wanted one for a while & after some convincing, my parents agreed to buy it for me.

But then I started having second thoughts. ‘I’m not gonna ever be taking up photography professionally, so was it really necessary to have a professional camera?’,’ Would I be able to learn to fully use one?’ etc.

But I had both my parents blessing (& my friends & my blog readers!) so I decided to go ahead with it. Mom took me to buy it today after college. I was a little nervous in the shop because the guys kept using technical terms. I read the manual on the way back home & took my first picture of Mom when I got home. And the moment I took that picture, I knew I wouldn’t regret having this camera. To anyone who just uses a digital (point & shoot) camera, the feeling is unexplainable. ‘Pure magic!’ was the closest I could get to putting it down in words. The image quality is SO much better. The flash works wonderfully, & you get brighter, clearer pictures. My second picture was once more of mom, but this time on ‘portrait’ mode. Guess what my third picture was? One of the most clichéd pictures ever – a picture of my lens cap!

Anyway, I just started exploring the manual features & I’m sooooo excited! I have got to get back to fiddling with the camera so bye for now! I’ll try to put up a few pictures soon! x