Another post about my tattoo. (Not a minute too soon). I’ve had lots of new blog readers recently, so I’ll back track a little for their benefit. I love tattoos, I have three. Two are on my legs (one on each leg) & one on my back. You can check out a picture of my full-back tat here (this picture was taken immediately after my second sitting, so it looks a little dark. But it has long since healed & it quite a lot lighter now. So as you can see, it’s big. Not something you would expect from your average 17 year old girl. (Even more so because I do not use ANY daily make-up, am simple in my dressing, wear spectacles & am usually too lazy to accessorize.)

Two teachers knew about it. The first to know was my beloved Psychology teacher (no mentioning names here lest I get in big trouble!) & the second to know was my history teacher. Both happened to see it themselves, quite by accident. (The claw at the base of my neck tends to poke out of some T-Shirts & blouses.

Anyway, I’ve never been a teacher’s pet. Neither am I the type to get friendly with teachers. But it just so happens that all English teachers end up knowing my name. Even if I’ve never ever approached or talked to them in person.

So today in college my English teacher approached me & I wasn’t surprised. This is her first teaching assignment, so she’s pretty young, in fact she undoubtedly the youngest member of the faculty! I though she wanted to discuss my paper with me. Or wanted me to write an article (those are the standard reasons English teachers approach me!) but I was surprised when she asked me, “Are you Magali?” because she had called me by name earlier. In dealing with a lot of students sometimes makes it hard to remember names. But nothing prepared me for her next questions- “Do you have a tattoo? A big tattoo somewhere?” “Yes Ma’am,” I quickly replied, “On my back.” She then gave me this funny look (You know which look I’m talking about. The ‘oh-my-today’s-generation!’ look) & walked off. So now I know that the teachers have been gossipping about tattoo in the faculty room.

Great. Just Great. You’d think they were they would be used to it, being lecturers in this college.