Yesterday was the third (& final) session for my tattoo. The wait & the pain was all completely worth it!
In this third session Kevin (the tattoo artist) worked on shading- the dragon’s claws, wings & face. I am somehow in love with the wing shading. If you do click the picture to magnify it don’t forget to check out the wing!
I had started the tattoo about 7 months ago!
He even did some minor touch up work on the Aries ‘♈’ tattoo near my Ankle & it looks much better now! A line had somehow faded slightly while healing (that happens sometime I guess) & the tips were not too well defined. So Mom always talked about how she liked the star tattoo more (you know, the twin of the Aries tattoo) (check the picture on this post) But now she says she actually likes this tattoo more! I’m quite happy with that because even though the star is pretty, the Aries one represents me more!

Overall I am quite happy with it & more importantly relieved that it’s over! I was supposed to go for Sherlock Holmes today but decided against it because- 1) I was lazy 2) I was in pain.