If you read the newspapers or surf news websites, you will probably remember how approximately 2 months ago they were all abuzz with reports of Marge Simpson (from The Simpsons) baring it all for Playboy magazine (November ’09 issue)

I have been a fan of the TV show ever since I first watched an episode four years ago (to think I was scandalized at first! I hadn’t seen Family Guy or South Park yet!) You see, Playboy magazine & me go way back. My Dad is a sailor. Sailor & Dirty Magazines go hand in hand, nothing to be embarrassed about there! I’ve known what Playboy magazine was ever since I was 3. I’m not saying that they were irresponsible parents when we were all on the ship. I’m just saying you can’t hide anything from a kid for long! Also, the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner & me share a common birthday – April 9th! Anyway, when I heard of this Playboy issue, I knew I wanted it. So I told Mom, & think as we might, we couldn’t think of any bookstore that we thought might sell Playboy magazine. So we did the next thing we could think of- ask Dad!
Dad was a little perplexed with the request at first, but he promised to do all he could to get it. He was heading to Brasil at that time, & told me he would probably only get it in Portuguese there. But he said he’d try.
And then I forgot all about it (not really, I just resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t get this collector’s edition) And yesterday, when we were at the dentist, Dad called. To tell me he’d managed to get the issue for me! (Incidentally, it costed more than a one-year domain registration costs. But how else will Hugh Hefner be able to keep up a lifestyle like his?) He boasted to Mom that he was able to procure the magazine without leaving the ship. When Mom asked him how, he said that he had asked the super (short for superintendent) to get a copy for him. He even told the guy that his daughter wanted the issue. The super was concerned & asked my dad if I was above 15. But he got it after my dad reassured him that I’m 17! So I’m pretty happy that Dad was able to get the magazine for me (Thanks Dad!)


PS- About the tooth problem mentioned in my previous post Ouch, the filling is intact, the tooth is supposedly fine (she took an X-Ray) & the problem I experience is probably due to my sinuses. Mom’s happy that I’m at peace now!